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Podcast of Interview with Delilah Jones discussing ImaginePublicity and more!

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Delilah is a dedicated and inspiring professional. For years, I have been uplifted by her diligence and her humanitarian spirit. ….Bob Rich, Associate Producer and Writer at Celebrity Auction Doctors

“I cannot “Imagine” my success without the people at Imagine Publicity. My work, books and lectures now at a national level is a direct result of this marketing and public’s relations commitment to people that are producing results!”

….Susan Murphy Milano,Intimate Violence Prevention Specialist, Author

“I am impressed with the added exposure I have gotten as a result of the efforts of Delilah and Imagine Publicity.”

……Diane Fanning, True Crime and Mystery Writer

“Delilah is well versed in the arena of missing persons, media relations and community leadership. I was impressed the first time I saw her in action and always in a professional manner. The services you offer and those you touch reach far beyond expectation. Thank you for supporting and volunteering yourself, your talents to others in such a desparate time of their lives, you make the difference.”…..Monica Caison, Founder, CUE Center for Missing Persons

“Delilah is an amazing individual with a true passion to help others. She works tirelessly to spread a powerful message of hope for those that have experienced trauma. She has always been exceptionally supportive and a motivating force, and selflessly promotes the work that others do. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with her!”…..Gaetane Borders, President, Peas In Their Pods, Radio Personality, “Parenting Pundit”

“Delilah is a highly skilled and motivated professional. If you need a person you can rely on to get the job done right and on time, you need look no further.”

…..Dennis Griffin, True Crime Author, Radio Host

Imagine Publicity…..What can I possibly say…?

Delilah Jones’ expertise and tender loving care of each and every client is obvious, both in her work…and her personality.   She creates a vision for you that is truly all your own.  And… it is very comforting to this client to know that she knows what this cause involves and is personally very dedicated to assisting those who are struggling to help themselves, as well as those who can soar in their advocacy if given the opportunity.No request goes unanswered. She wants you to be pleased…. The true mark of a professional!

This venture has been an epiphany for me.., and a possible new career. Indeed just imagine….  Feel like “Dorothy” traversing the yellow brick road or “Maria” of West Side Story singing “Something’s Coming”…. I don’t know what it is, but it is gonna be great!!!  Invest in a new journey with Imagine Publicity…  I promise, you won’t be sorry…Donna R. Gore, Victims’ Rights Advocate

The solution has been to turn to Delilah Jones at Imagine Publicity. Despite doing an excellent job as a publicist she’s also very down to earth. She knows that my ministry to encourage others is not about money.  Delilah from Imagine Publicity will help a church or group brainstorm ways to do that. I’m available to speak to groups both large and small, tiny even. Scheduling an all day training event with hundreds of pastors or two or three is possible…….Gayle Crabtree, Founder, Hope For Healing.Org

“Delilah is a great asset to any organization. She is dedicated and committed to her work and will make any task/mission a success” …..Michelle Harkey, The Key Training and Consulting Group

“Imagine Publicity markets yr book, product, website or nonprofit org & acts as yr personal promotional consultants she is the best.”……Susan Levin, Speaker Services

“Delilah has the character and dedication that is impressive and distinctive. I love Imagine Publicity and respect all the hard work they do”……Lorraine Tipton, American Mothers Political Party

“I have worked regularly with Delilah Jones for over a year in connection with my monthly articles for the Times up blogspot. She is efficient in making sure all the writers know the timing of their assignments. She has responded quickly and effectively whenever I have had a problem or request. Delilah has been particularly helpful in making sure my articles get the widest access on many web sites on the Internet. It has been a pleasure working with her.”  Domestic Violence Speaker, Trainer and Writer, Barry Goldstein

“There are a few words to describe Delilah: Dedicated, Tenacious, Hard-working, Relentless, Knowledgeably, a powerful Advocate. What Delilah brings to the table is a lot more than what she asks for her services. She is a publicist who not only helps promote her client but also becomes a friend offering encouragement, motivation, inspiration and sound, solid solutions.”…..Pamela Chapman, Founder, iAscend Programs

“Delilah is a highly skilled and motivated professional. If you need a person you can rely on to get the job done right and on time, you need look no further.”…..Dennis Griffin, True Crime Author, Radio Host

“Delilah is wonderful to work with. She is funny, insightful, and very tuned into the world of public relations. She is an asset for a seasoned professional or newbie just starting out. I would and continue to use her services!’….Susie Kroll, Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationship Specialist, Speaker

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