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Dottie Laster

The “Best Of” TRAFFICKED with Dottie Laster

TRAFFICKED with Dottie Laster Thursday, January 19, 1pm ET Listen LIVE at: Here Women Talk While Dottie Laster is on hiatus, rebroadcasts will air of past shows. Dottie will be back next week live, watch for the show announcement here! Human trafficking and child exploitation – Dottie Laster has spent her adult life combating both. An original member of the U.S. Attorney’s Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance, Selected by the US Attorney’s Office, certified by the Dept. of Justice, she has trained over 5,000 police officers and worked directly with adult and child victims. She is past administrator of Orange County, CA Human Trafficking Task Force, and her company trains organizations on human trafficking issues and consults with attorneys, investigators and organizations that serve victims of trafficking and prosecute traffickers. Dottie and her guests discuss combating human trafficking globally and in the United States. The stories will make you angry, sad, happy, enlightened, inspired and informed about the fastest growing crime in the world.

Attorney and Legal Analyst, Holly Hughes, Joins The Susan Murphy Milano Show

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!” Thursday, August 4, 2pm ET Listen LIVE at: Here Women Talk Highlighting the 5 year anniversary of murdered mother of three, Renee Pagel, from Michigan. Renee had just given up one of her kidneys to help save the life of another, as she was recuperating, and the week her divorce was to be finalized, she was found stabbed to death in her home.  The only suspect in the murder is her husband, who took the children and moved away, who has not been cooperative in the investigation, and who has isolated the children from Renee’s family and friends. Joining the show is Renee Pagel’s best friend, Christine Crandle, who, along with other friends of Renee, have kept her memory alive and continue to journey down the path of justice for Renee. Joining Susan Murphy Milano is Attorney and Legal Analyst, Holly Hughes for the entire hour. About Holly Hughes For the past decade Holly Hughes has served as a Senior Assistant District After being one of the best …

What’s the Media’s Role in Justice? Hear it From Steph Watts on The Susan Murphy Milano Show

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!” Thursday, July 21, 2pm-3pmET Listen LIVE: on  HereWomenTalk Join host, Susan Murphy Milano, as she discusses “Watts Up With That!”  Talking with multi-talented personality, Steph Watts, and his role in the case of Drew Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, about  how he was instrumental in re-opening the investigation into her death when fourth wife, Stacy, went missing.  Watts is the talent behind many projects, featured as the crime reporter in “Bloodwork” on A&E’s Crime and Investigation channel and is currently shooting a new series on missing persons cases for A&E. We will also discuss the role of the media in the justice system (the topic of his new book) on the heels of the Casey Anthony trial. Tune in for this powerhouse conversation with Steph Watts! About Steph Watts Steph studied communications in his native Canada while working as an actor and model. He moved to NYC in 1999 to complete his studies at NYU and began writing for The Village Voice and Brill’s Content Magazine. Steph ventured …