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Shattered Lives: David LaBahn Talks About Gangs

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio   Earlier in his career in his home state of California, David LaBahn was appointed to TARGET Gang Team at the City of Westminster Police Department and worked with state, local and federal law enforcement in a successful effort to reduce gang violence.  Labahn has since held several roles including a prosecuting trial attorney, consultant, and currently the President and CEO of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, a national association representing elected and deputy or assistant prosecutors, and city attorneys. In his return appearance to Shattered Lives Radio, David LaBahn will be talking about gangs and gang prosecution. The Criminal Resource Manual states: Federal assistance in prosecuting traditionally state-prosecuted crimes is needed in many states where penitentiary sentences result in minimal time served by defendants. This pathetic situation has resulted in an almost total absence of deterrence as a result of criminal sentences. As a consequence, some repeat offenders have no fear of punishment. Gangs exemplify this type of contempt of the criminal system. Another guest for this week’s show, mother and founder of Mothers Against …

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Shattered Lives: Mothers Against Gangs Coalition

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio Mothers Against Gangs (MAG) is a coalition born out of the tragic killing of Martin Alberto Garza in the Imperial Valley of California. Martin didn’t come from a dysfunctional family like those who usually get involved in gangs, Martin wasn’t involved in gangs, but happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was fatally stabbed by a gang member on January 6, 2013. Our guest for this week’s show, Martin’s mother and founder of Mothers Against Gangs Coalition is Yulil Alonso-Garza.  Yuli’s first appearance on Shattered Lives Radio was mere months after the tragic gang killing of her son. She so lovingly described her son, her family, and the close knit community that has helped her through. Listen to the Podcast Mission The MAG Coalition is a collaboration of caring people, friends, and fellow Wildcat and Imperial Valley friends that came together because of the tragic loss of their Amazing son, brother, friend, classmate, Martin Alberto Garza. It is the coalition’s vision to raise awareness about several causes that were …