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The Will James Mystery Series: Interview with author Martin Herman

    Martin Herman has been writing timely articles and short stories since he was 11 years old and growing up in Brooklyn over 70 years ago.  His 6th grade teacher told him to create a new story each and every week for the rest of his life; the story could consist of just a few key words or be many pages long.  He missed a few weeks – but not many – and by 8th grade, he was selling short stories to magazines around the country. In 2015, several months before his 75th birthday, he published his first full-length novel, a historical murder mystery, “The Jefferson Files”.  In 2016 he published his next novel, a contemporary thriller, “The Hidden Treasure Files”.  In May of 2017, he published his third novel in the current series, a modern tale of murder and terrorist inspired chaos, “The Sweet Revenge Files”. Website: MartinHermanAuthor.Com If you would like to be considered for an interview on ImaginePublicity on Air please email with a brief synopsis of your topic.

Chaos to Calm: FREE Event with Jillian Maas Backman & Paula Cross

Do you find it challenging to achieve peace, quiet, and joy in your life? Are you caught up in worry and discouragement about situations in our world played out in the headlines? Treat yourself and join us for the dual expression of words and music with two creative and intuitively-inspired women who use their arts to find calm in the midst of chaos. Use this evening as an opportunity to get in touch with your own inner peace and create harmony going forward. Jillian Maas Backman, author, and Paula Cross, singer, are uniting for an evening of fun and conversation along with an exchange of ideas tailor-made for the weary in all of us. The evening will include personal accounts of how these two artists transposed the universal intuitive works of words and music to offset the world’s chaos, and how expression of the soul can bring calm to anyone who makes the time to look inward. The public is invited to attend this  FREE open house which will run from 6:30pm through 8pm. Drinks and …

Gayle Crabtree: Writing For Dollars!

Of all the people who can turn life’s lemons to lemonade, Gayle Crabtree does it with style and dignity and transparency!  During this economic downturn many are faced with financial hardships we never thought we would encounter, however, there are many ways to deal with it.  Gayle Crabtree hits it head on! Faced with mounting medical costs, along with regular household bills, as well as decreases in donations for her non-profit, Hope For Healing.Org, Gayle sits high in the saddle and not only figures out unique ways to bring in extra income, but shares it with the world! Gayle has always been known as someone with great ideas to raise funds, always looking outside the box, especially to keep her work with survivors and victims of violence going in the direction of her dreams.  Never one to look defeat in the eye without a plan, she pulls her bootstraps up and just starts heading in a new direction! Life’s trials have knocked at her door many times, she has survived a rough childhood, a rape, …