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Pastor Neil Schori and Jim Glasgow Get Serious About Domestic Violence on WJOL Wednesday, Dec 12

Steve Brandy’s morning segment on WJOL 1340 AM Talk Radio, Brando’s Garage, will play host to two men standing up for the issue of intimate partner violence. Listen LIVE at 9:25am Central, 10:25am Eastern  CLICK HERE Talking to Will County, IL State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow and Pastor Neil Schori the discussion will surround the protection of women in violent relationships and what each of them are doing in their respective fields to alleviate and prevent the escalation of the violence. Before and since Jim Glasgow successfully prosecuted Drew Peterson, there is an initiative through his office to address the issue of intimate partner violence in a serious way. One of the key witnesses in the trial for the murder of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, Pastor Neil Schori ,testified about a confessional meeting with Peterson’s still missing fourth wife, Stacy, and helped deliver the conviction the prosecutors were looking for. Jim Glasgow and Neil Schori are among the “few good men” who are willing and able to make a stand against violence in relationships, whether the …