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UNDERWORLD: ImaginePublicity on Air Interviews Roman Martin

UNDERWORLD: How to thrive and survive in the American Mafia by Roman Martin So, you wanna be a gangster!? Roman Martin’s new book will tell you how giving you important pointers on how the be the best of the best in the American Mafia from the viewpoint of those in “The Life.” You think you know the ropes from the Godfather, Goodfellas, or Wise Guys? Think again! Martin covers the backstories of the infamous, famous, and mobsters you’ve never heard of!  Enjoy the ride! Based on interviews with dozens of former high-ranking Mafiosi and many other hardcore mobsters from across the globe, true-crime auteur Roman Martín has risked life and limb to bring you this spellbinding tour de force. Whether you’re a couch-surfing gangster-wannabe or simply someone who’s watched “The Godfather” too many times, this breathtaking exposé of “the Honored Society” offers something for everyone. Published by WildBlue Press Purchase from Amazon

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WildBlue Press Author Series Comes to Shattered Lives Radio

What do you get when you combine best-selling and award-winning authors, with a sprinkle of rising stars, and the ever evolving publishing industry? WildBlue Press! Shattered Lives Radio is honored to host a series of interviews with the stable of WildBlue Press authors, highlighting their careers and upcoming books, along with getting to know a great bunch of writers. Shattered Lives Radio, hosted by Donna R. Gore, is a crime related talk show covering the aftermath of crime and tragedy with surviving victims, investigative and judicial resources, and those who advocate for them. The WildBlue Press Author Series highlights those who write about crime (true crime and crime novels), often spending countless hours researching and interviewing surviving victims and their families in order to present the facts from all perspectives. Carolina Sarassa-April 4 Carolina Sarassa is 3-time Emmy® award and a 4-time National Gabriel award-winning News Anchor and Correspondent for MundoFOX National Network News in Los Angeles. Prior to joining MundoFOX, Sarassa was the Anchor and Producer for Univision’s KINC in Las Vegas and a Correspondent for News Magazine …