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Dr. Laurie Roth on a National Story: The Church of Wells

Known as “The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves,” Dr. Laurie Roth rides onto the scene, microphone blazing and exposing deception! The latest shocking series of events revolves around the Texas based Church of Wells where it’s alleged that several young people have been lured by their innocent search for a closer walk with God, giving up family, friends, and money to be a part of the church. Church of Wells is no stranger to controversy, and the most recent controversy surrounds one of their members, Catherine Grove.  Keep up to date on Dr. Laurie Roth’s FACEBOOK page for real time discussion! The media has been on the story, but why is this even a story? The background and allegations that Catherine Grove, along with several other young people, have been lured and held at the Church of Wells evokes memory of the Jim Jones and Waco tragedies, all in the name of securing a spot in heaven. Some have escaped and recount their stories about how it is inside Church of Wells. (News coverage and …