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Claudine Dombrowski Reporting From Ground Zero in Topeka

There is a crisis in the Family Courts of America and Claudine Dombrowski is a warrior in the battle for change. A battered mother who lost custody of her daughter to the person who abused her, her battle has been ongoing for approximately 16 years, with no solution. In Topeka, Kansas, Dombrowski’s home town, on October 11, 2011, members of the City Council voted and successfully repealed the city’s ordinance banning domestic violence during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   Dombrowski first brought the news of this to Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Specialist, Susan Murphy Milano around September 15, and she immediately took action by featuring the story on several national radio shows. During the two hour televised council meeting, the one sided discussion from 7 of the 10 elected members amounted to nothing more than political finger pointing. Leading the charge, and ultimately dictating the vote, was Interim City Manager Dan Stanley, brow beating those during the hearing into submission of his way or the highway. It was classic manipulation “101” presented in a live stream real …

Lyn Twyman Welcomes Portia Shipman to Courage Empowerment Forum!

The young life of Sherri Denese Jackson was cut short in late 2006 at the age of 27. Four years later, her memory lives on. In this week’s episode of Lyn Twyman’s Courage Empowerment Forum, her featured guest will be Portia Shipman, founder and executive director of the Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation (SDJF). SDJF is an organization that serves domestic violence victims in Greensboro, NC. This show will discuss the life of Sherri Jackson, a murder victim of domestic violence, and what SDJF is doing in their local community to help survivors not become victims. Tune in Tuesday, December 28th at 9 PM eastern for this great interview! Go to the link and listen live every Tuesday night!