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Crime Wire

Tuesday, July 12, 9pm ET Listen LIVE:   Crime Wire Investigates Co-Hosts Tom Shamshak and Vito Colucci The verdict is in and Casey Anthony was aquitted of the murder charges stemming from the disappearance and death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.  Emotions are running high across a nation who feels that justice has not been served.  The first segment of the show will recap the trial and verdict of this highly charged miscarriage of justice. The Crime Wire Team gets to know new consultant, Dean Beers Dean Beers, Crime Wire Consultant Dean is the only Board Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) in northern Colorado, and is also a certified Medicolegal Death Investigator specializing in all Personal Injury, Negligence and Death investigations in the civil arena and Criminal Defense.  He has extensive background in medicolegal-forensic and factual Investigations with law enforcement education, experience and relationships.  He has testified as an Expert in Forensic Investigations of Pattern Injury Analysis and Private Investigations, and is currently consulting nationwide as an expert in criminal defense homicide and civil equivocal death investigations for law firms, investigative colleagues …

Diane Fanning’s Radio and Media Appearances, Thursday, July 7

True crime Author of “Mommy’s Little Girl,” Diane Fanning, continues her expert analysis of what went wrong in the quest for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.  You can follow the shows or listen to the podcasts, throughout the day.   Thursday, July 7: 7:40 AM Eastern “The Trey Ware Show” 10:00 AM Eastern time she joins “The Timothy Hodge show” New York on 99.7 FM, 10:30 AM Eastern time (9:30 am central) “The Jack Riccardi Show” KTSA AM 550 San Antonio 2:00PM Eastern (1:00 PM Central) “The Susan Murphy Milano Show” 4:10 PM KTSA 550AM “The Kevin Wall Show” San Antonio  

Holly Hughes on Marathon Radio Tour Commenting on the Casey Anthony Verdict, Wednesday, July 6

Attorney and Legal Analyst, Holly Hughes will be making a marathon radio tour from 8am-9am ET on syndicated stations across the country to comment on the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.  Hughes has been seen regularly on TruTV, HLN and CNN throughout the murder trial which took place in Orlando, Florida, giving up to the moment commentary each step of the way, as the nation watched on the edge of their collective seats. Tune in to the following stations to hear Holly’s fiery analysis of what went wrong, what went right, and when and how justice will ever be served for little 2 year old Caylee Anthony. 8:00amET WIWF Charleston , SC Show: Ryan and Tyler in the Morning with Jessica Chandler Hosts: Ryan, Tyler and Jessica 8:10amET WJBX-FM ..thruout southern Fl. Show Zito and Garrett 8:20amET WIAD – WASHINGTON DC Format- HOT AC The Tommy Show Tommy Kelly and Jen 8:30amET KSRZ Omaha, NE Name of morning show- Arthur & Riell Name of hosts- Dan Arthur & Michelle Riell (pronounced: real) 8:40amET WFLA-am …

The Casey Anthony Verdict is in: Diane Fanning Interview on TODAY SHOW

True crime author, Diane Fanning will be making an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show, Wednesday, July 6, in the 10am ET hour.  The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial dumbfounded the nation and Fanning was stunned as well. As the author of MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, the only book so far written about the case, Diane Fanning reviewed reams of documented evidence while researching the book and says,  “It told me that Casey was guilty. Duct tape was the murder weapon.” Fanning has been seen in several media outlets commenting during the trial taking place in Orlando, FL, and also blogged daily with her opinions on the events of the trial on her personal blog, Writing is a Crime. Tune in to The Today Show for Diane’s expert analysis of what went wrong in the quest for justice for CayleeMarie Anthony.