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The Roth Show, August 31

The Roth Show Wednesday, August 31, 7-8pm ET Listen LIVE: Join Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano for the regular Wednesday crime segment.  Each week the “Annie Oakley of the Airwaves” and the “Jane Wayne of Justice” join their voices together to make some noise about unsolved crimes, missing persons or update previous cases. Never boring, always a surprise or two, and hitting the air with passion for justice and making things right! Searching for John Spira Spira was last seen the evening of Friday, Feb. 23, 2007, at his office in West Chicago Universal Cable Construction on 2N55 County Farm Road. He was wearing jeans, an olive green bomber jacket, black shoes, and a black shirt. He apparently locked up his company’s office as usual. His last cell phone call was made to a friend at 7 p.m. discussing their plans for dinner that night. He failed to show up for the appointment, and also failed to show up for his band’s performance the next night – the local blues group the Rabble Rousers. Spira, a devoted musician, …

The Roth Show Highlights the Unsolved Death of Sheena Morris

The “Annie Oakley of the Airwaves” and the “Jane Wayne of Justice” combine forces on: The Roth Show! 7-8pm ET Wednesday, April 20 The Unsolved Case of Sheena Morris Sheena was found dead in her hotel room after a domestic dispute on January 1, 2009. Very little was done in terms of any investigation.Joining us on the show will be Sheena’s mother, Kelly Osborn and family friend, Sol Vaccaro.  We will attempt to shed new light on Sheena’s case. For more details, visit the family website: The Roth Show is a nationally syndicated talk show hosted by Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D., and stands on principles and leading the charge for the legions of Americans who are saying “Enough Already!”