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The Roth Show: Katherine Svoi Symthe, Unbreakable

Join Dr. Laurie Roth weekdays at 7-10pm Pacific, 10pm-1am Eastern Listen LIVE or to the Archive: Each Wednesday  Dr. Laurie Roth holds conversations with those in the know about particular crimes,criminals, issues, corruption, and wrongdoing. Tune in with co-host Dottie Laster and her guests to learn more about human trafficking, the dangers and what to do about it. Katherine Svoi Symthe is the granddaughter of Lester Brown, whose cruelty to animals made the cover of Life magazine in 1966, that enraged Congress to pass the Animal Rights Law. Lester Brown moved to California where Smythe’s mother started buying children from the sex trade and abusing them. Smythe endured 17 years of torture, pain, and even witnessed her sister’s death by her mother. Today, Symthe provides an exclusive look into her life and how she utilized her talents to overcome the traumatic trials in her life which created a passion from within her to create “Healing survivors creating Thrivers”. Follow Katherine as she tells her phenomenal story in hopes of saving other children and inspiring strength …