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Diane Fanning’s Appearances on Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader

Dave Schrader’s Darkness Radio covers the gamut of topics from paranormal, ghost hunting, and true crime. The host of Darkness Radio since 2006, Schrader is often found guest hosting on Coast to Coast AM covering similar topics and guests. Recently Diane Fanning was a recurring guest on Darkness Radio’s True Crime Tuesday discussing the true crimes and criminals about which she has written. March 4 Worst Serial Killer of All Time Diane and Dave discuss the times and trials of serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, whose story is in THROUGH THE WINDOW, the story of Krystal Surles, the young girl Sells left for dead but who lived to bring him down.  Diane Fanning had numerous conversations with the convicted Sells and other family members, giving her an inside look at the crimes of the killer. (Sells has since been executed on April 3, 2014). Fanning played in an instrumental role in the acquittal of wrongfully convicted Julie Rea.  While researching THROUGH THE WINDOW, she obtained the confession of the serial killer responsible for the murder of …

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Margaret McLean’s “It’s A Crime” Talks with Diane Fanning and Julie Rea

It’s a crime that innocent people are so often wrongfully convicted and sentenced for crimes which they did not commit. It’s a crime that even after exoneration many of the exonerees continue to carry a criminal record with them making it almost impossible to get a decent job, make a living, and carry on with their lives. It’s a crime that some of them are put to death. Margaret McLean welcomes True Crime Author Diane Fanning and Julie Rea to “It’s A Crime.” Tune in Saturday, December 15 at 1-2 Pacific, 4-5 Eastern. To catch the show LIVE: LISTEN HERE True Crime author Diane Fanning and Julie Rea met under most unusual circumstances while Diane was doing research for her book Through the Window. Interviewing serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells she was able to get information about the crime which Julie was convicted and serving time for in prison ……the murder of her son, Joel. Defended by a lone, public defender and outmatched by three opposing prosecutors, Julie was convicted on March 4, 2002, and …