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Diane Fanning’s True Crime and Novel Available NOW in Audiobooks!

The first book in the Lucinda Pierce series, by Diane Fanning is now available in a new format…AUDIO! Released in audiobook format on December 17, 2011, THE TROPHY EXCHANGE is the first, but other Diane Fanning books will follow. Her true crime books are in various stages of production and should be available in audiobook by April, 2012.  The next book in the Lucinda Pierce detective series PUNISH THE DEED is also in the works. THE TROPHY EXCHANGE is available on, Amazon and iTunes. A fast-paced thriller introducing an unforgettable heroine – Homicide Investigator Lucinda Pierce is physically and emotionally scarred by her job. She is angry and bitter, but her life is her work. Lucinda gets sent to investigate the brutal killing of Dr Kathleen Spencer. There seem to be links with other dead women: could it be the work of a serial killer? And will Lucinda be able to solve it or has she become too emotionally involved this time? From Booklist After a long and soul-searching healing process following her last case, …