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Dottie Laster Filming Project Red Light Reality Show about Human Trafficking

Filming has begun in Houston, Texas for Dottie Laster’s new reality show on human trafficking,  titled Project Red Light. A red light symbolizes “stop” and that’s what the show is about, stopping human trafficking on its own turf. Dottie Laster and her film crew, including a security detail and body guards for her and her team went into the belly of the beast to attempt to rescue girls from the sex trafficking trade. Dottie Laster has been involved in the rescue and restoration of over 200 victims in her career as an advocate, but rarely has the opportunity for security or body guards to accompany her. She was overcome with emotion when she realized that she didn’t have to be as vigilant for her own safety and could concentrate on getting to the victims and assisting them safely, a very risky business. Laster and her team often make trips to bars and cantinas where known traffickers are prostituting their victims. Able to recognize who the victims are she’s able to make contact, talk to them, …