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The Casey Anthony Verdict is in: Diane Fanning Interview on TODAY SHOW

True crime author, Diane Fanning will be making an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show, Wednesday, July 6, in the 10am ET hour.  The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial dumbfounded the nation and Fanning was stunned as well. As the author of MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, the only book so far written about the case, Diane Fanning reviewed reams of documented evidence while researching the book and says,  “It told me that Casey was guilty. Duct tape was the murder weapon.” Fanning has been seen in several media outlets commenting during the trial taking place in Orlando, FL, and also blogged daily with her opinions on the events of the trial on her personal blog, Writing is a Crime. Tune in to The Today Show for Diane’s expert analysis of what went wrong in the quest for justice for CayleeMarie Anthony.