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Dottie Laster, Human Trafficking Expert, ImaginePublicity

Thank You Dottie Laster for Teaching us About Human Trafficking

Dottie Laster has been giving presentations and training to thousands over the years she has worked as an anti-human trafficking advocate and expert. Usually contracted by law enforcement, government agencies and organizations, the tide seems to have shifted lately and more and more high schools and colleges are bringing her to speak on campuses. One explanation for the rise in schools sending invitations and inquiries is the fact that human trafficking is being recognized as an epidemic among teens and young people, and they aren’t always involved in abductions for sex slavery or other forms of modern slavery, but groomed and lured away from their homes and communities. Lately Laster has been called on more and more cases of young girls, academically doing well, and coming from upscale, stable families who have been lured by traffickers after a period of “grooming.”  She writes on her blog about the tactics used to groom and lure unsuspecting youth who wind up crushed by an evil they didn’t even know existed. Read:  Understanding the Grooming Process The pimp …