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Sex and Politics: Doc Bonn Talking Serial Killers!

  Dr. Scott Bonn “Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer” Listen Live on Thursday, March 29 from 7-9pm ET Drew University Professor, Dr. Scott Bonn  is not your average academic.   Bonn teaches courses in criminology, sociology of deviance, media and crime, and criminal justice. Doc Bonn is currently researching and writing a popular book on the public’s fascination with serial killers that is tentatively titled, “Monster Dearest: Our Fascination with Serial Killers and Why We Need Them.” This book examines the social processes through which serial killers often become morbid pop culture celebrities. Serial killers hold the fascination of the public, whether in true crime news accounts of individuals such as Ted Bundy or fictional depictions such as the television shows Dexter and Criminal Minds or popular movies such as the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” or “Silence of the Lambs.” Serial killers seem so purely predatory and unremorseful that our society cannot help but display a macabre interest in them. Given the public’s preoccupation with the dark side of humanity, it seems quite natural that …

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Hunting the Beast: Dr. Scott Bonn Talks Serial Killers with Brent Hatley

Author, Criminologist, Media Analyst with expertise on serial killers, Dr. Scott Bonn joins host, Brent Hately on Hunting the Beast  12-2pm ET on Friday, March 9. Hunting the Beast will be broadcast through To listen to previous shows CLICK HERE Hunting the Beast will examine serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy, and scores of others, in an attempt to explain the public’s fascination with serial killers and the need to know all the gory details of their crimes. As Doc Bonn says in a recent blog post: “Many of us can’t help watching the spectacle of serial killers, and we receive a rush of adrenaline from their deeds, although it is often difficult for us to admit, and we may feel a bit guilty about the inappropriate thrill that their horrible acts offer us.  Serial killers seem to appeal to our most basic and powerful instinct—that is, survival.” Dr. Scott Bonn is Professor of Criminology, media expert, public speaker,  media analyst and commentator, and author. He is an expert on criminal behavior, including state crime and serial killers. His expert commentary frequently appears …