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Donna Gore Speaks to CT Survivors of Homicide Support Group

On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Donna R. Gore gives a presentation to the Survivors of Homicide support group in Southington, CT. She will be speaking to the group about her newly published book for the Grief Diaries series, Surviving Loss by Homicide. There will be a book signing after the presentation. Invited to write the foreword for Surviving Loss by Homicide by Grief Diaries creator and author, Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Donna Gore introduces readers to the sorrow experienced when losing a loved one suddenly to violent crime. She explains to readers the reality of being a victim, as well as the importance of care, kindness, compassion, and resiliency. Event Details: When: Tuesday, August 16, at 7pm EST Where: Southington Care Center, 45 Meriden Ave.,Southington, CT. Sponsor: Survivors of Homicide As a founding member of the CT Survivors of Homicide in 1983, Donna Gore and other families  were trying to cope with the murder of a family member or someone else close to them. They met to support each other and to share information about the criminal justice …

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Shattered Lives: Survivors of Homicide, Inc.

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice” Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE:  CLICK HERE When an unexpected tragedy occurs, like the murder of a loved one, most people have no where to turn for support in the aftermath of the crime. Survivors of Homicide, Inc. offers many resources in the area of support groups, legal resources, advocacy, and information for it’s members in Connecticut. Guest, Jessica Norton, will bring information to all listeners who have suffered through a homicide that may be wondering what to do next. Like a ship against the storm, families across the nation are seeking balance in the aftermath, and organizations like Survivors of Homicide provide ways to find it. Survivors of Homicide, Inc. was founded in 1983 by a group of families who were trying to cope with the murder of a family member or someone else close to them. They met to support each other, and to share …

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Donna Gore’s Motivation for Crime Victim Services

    When bad things happen to good people, we wonder, “how do they carry on?”  One way many crime victims and survivors “survive” is by helping others.  There are many support groups, gatherings and conferences all around the country where those “in the club” can meet others within their comfort zone to talk, listen, and lend support to those who share a common thread in their lives. Donna R. Gore, affectionately known as “Lady Justice,” is one such person.  Donna is well known for her research skills, empathy towards victims, and willingness to reach deeper to assist victims on the very level at which they need it. This year the theme for National Crime Victim’s Rights Week is “Reshaping the Future, Honoring the Past,” and Donna Gore’s experience as written below shows how she has been doing just that all along! At this writing, Donna is currently seeking a position that would allow her to use her talents and experiences to continue to make a difference in the lives and laws which affect victims …