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Sheryl McCollum, Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, Shattered Lives

Shattered Lives: Sheryl McCollum Returns!

    Appearing on Shattered Lives Radio in October, 2014, Sheryl McCollum shared information about the levels of expertise used when students investigate cold cases under her direction. Colleges across the country combine to utilize the talents of experts in all fields of investigative research to shed new light on cases which have not been active.  Sheryl indicated several new things were coming down the pipeline that she could not talk about at the time. NOW is the time and she will be making some breaking announcements on this week’s Shattered Lives Radio. Combining the forces of law enforcement, well-known forensic experts, and college students the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) has investigated several high-profile crimes including Natalee Holloway, Chanda Levy, The Boston Strangler, and Tupac Shakur. Founded by Sheryl McCollum 10 years ago, the CCIRI is a partnership that brings together researchers, practitioners, and the criminal justice community to develop new capabilities and work collectively to advance research, training and techniques in solving cold cases. The objectives of CCIRI are to provide the means, resources and guidance for …