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Audio Books: Don’t You Love Them?

    In our fast paced and over connected world it’s hard to find time to sit down and read a good book. While painting the living room, jogging, or riding the train, you can have a wonderful experience of old, a story told! Storytelling is an ancient tradition, history passed down, or just funny anecdotes about familiar experiences, listening to someone telling a story is as relaxing and comfortable as hearing a book being read as a child. We understand the importance of reading to our children, making it a bedtime ritual, teaching them language at an early age. We want them to be familiar with words, so we teach them to read. With the advent of radios, computers, and ebooks from the internet, we’ve turned to yet another way to hear the words on a page, audio books. ImaginePublicity clients offering audiobooks Diane Fanning, award-winning true crime author and crime novelist, has several of her true crime books and the Lucinda Pierce series available in audio with more to follow. Listeners will hear the story …