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Diane Fanning and Susan Murphy Milano Join Forbes, “Crime, She Writes”

Whether you read at for information about business, investing or perhaps news about crime, you know it’s the nation’s leading magazine for up to date, reliable information. A new feature in the Leadership category is Crime, She Writes, Breaking Down the Headlines One Woman at a Time, which includes six hand picked writers who are involved in writing about different aspects of crime.  Authors, Cathy Scott, Kathryn Casey, Dr. Gina Simmons, Diane Fanning, Stacy Dittrich and Susan Murphy Milano, all premier writers in their own right, have joined together at Forbes to bring readers their own brand of crime writing and reporting. Crime, She Writes will present writings about issues, and even particular cases from time to time, showcasing each writer’s area of expertise. Subscribe to Forbes and follow the latest from Crime, She Writes, and get all the latest stories in your email!  

Justice Interrupted Hosts Guest Susan Murphy-Milano

The popular crime fighting duo, Stacy Dittrich and Robin Sax will be hosting their regular Justice Interrupted radio show on BlogTalk Radio on Sunday, April 25 with guest Susan Murphy-Milano. Robin Sax & Stacy Dittrich, the Prosecutor & the Police Officer. One from the courtrooms of L.A., the other from the forgotten streets of the Mid West, these women draw on years of experience to shine a light on cases where the punishiment does not yet fit the crime… on cases of justice interrupted. Join the show live in the chat room at 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific. Direct link to show HERE Call in with questions or comments at: (914) 338-0663 Susan Murphy-Milano is often praised as one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers of our day in the domestic violence prevention field. As an expert in the area of intimate partner violence and the prevention of homicide, Susan has created specific tools and procedures which the abused need to safely leave a violent relationship. “Been there, done that…” Susan Murphy- Milano has turned a …