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5 Easy Pieces: Speakers and Presenters

No matter what your level of expertise as a speaker or presenter, if you follow 5 easy steps when addressing an audience as an expert, it will go a long way towards showcasing your expertise, engaging your audience, and guaranteeing a positive return on your time. If you don’t find yourself at the point where you consider yourself a successful speaker, and recognize the potential for a lucrative income stream, be sure to sign up for training with Speaker Services.  With their vast experience, they will show you moves you never thought about! Don’t sell yourself short and, remember, as you prepare your next presentation, think about using these 5 simple tips as a guideline! Step 1- Know your Audience It’s important to know to whom you are speaking.  If you’re able, communicate with the event planner and find out who will be in the audience, what professions will be represented, and what corporate/employee/guest level will be attending. Ask yourself, “Is the person in the front row at the same experience level as I am, or …

5 Easy Pieces: Yes! You Can Work From Home and be Successful!

How many of us throughout our careers, whether working part-time or on the corporate fast track, wished for a simpler, easier way to make a living from the comfort of our own home? The American dream is now owning your business, operating from a home office, saving money on wardrobe, travel, and lunches out.  Time saved will allow more quality time with your family as well as allow you to keep up with your duties around the house….that’s the vision, right? Watch what you wish for because that dream could become your worst nightmare. If worked right, it’s a win/win situation that generally brings satisfaction, but the pitfalls are many. Here are a few things to keep in mind for adhering to your at home career path: 1.  Workspace and working hours If you have the space, dedicate a room or an area specifically for work. There are tons of wonderful do it yourself sites that present ideas on how to organize and create a workspace that is functional for every budget. I love to collect …

Speaker Services: TALK UP YOUR BOOK Teleclass

May 3  COMPLIMENTARY PREVIEW CALL 4pm-5pm PT or 7pm-8pm ET    Even if you can’t make it we will send you the mp3 Register Now   Talk Up Your Book is an informative, interactive, focused 5-session teleclass event specifically designed to prepare and arm you, the author, with everything you need to successfully get you — and your book — out to the public domain and position yourself to start making money! DATES: 5 Thursdays, May 31-June 28  4pm-5:30pm PT or 7pm -8:30pm ET All calls recorded for later listening Valuable handouts included! For all the details and registration for this 5 session teleclass, please visit Speaker Services website:  CLICK HERE Speaker Services offers a wide variety of services recommended and endorsed by ImaginePublicity. If you would like to take advantage of a FREE consultation, contact us and we will be happy to facilitate!   phone: 843.808.0859 email:

Radio! What’s the Big Deal?

What are you doing with your online presence?  Are you into ecommerce, issue oriented, the local internet “news” guy? Have you created a fabulous website, blog and social media strategy, but want to step it up a notch?  Perhaps radio is for you! Before you get visions of becoming the next Dr. Laura, Bill O’Reilly, or Rush Limbaugh, come back to Earth and figure out what’s involved! Are you satisfied with the reach of your web presence through your website, blog, and social media contacts? Are you getting enough hits on your blog or website that you feel your message is being heard or are your sales satisfactory? Who are you targeting, who will be your market? Will you have the time to devote to producing a quality product, consistently? Internet radio broadcasting is like the wild, wild west and wide open for anyone and everyone to take advantage of, but what is it that will set you and your show apart from the vast sea of voices?  You can use the airwaves to sell …