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Crime Wire: Dr. Scott Bonn’s Prison Visit with Serial Killer David Berkowitz, Son of Sam

You can hear Crime Wire   Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Eastern.  Please visit our Crime Wire Website. Together we can make a difference. LISTEN LIVE: Yes, a new look, a new host, but the same quality show! Scott Bonn has been corresponding with Berkowitz for several years as research for an upcoming book (tentatively titled Monster Dearest: Our Macabre Fascination with Serial Killers) thus gaining his trust and finally being granted an in person visit at Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, NY.  Bonn came away from the meeting with a sense of sincerity from Berkowitz about his conversion to Christianity and his ministry within the prison. Bonn reports that the Son of Sam is now known as Son of Hope because of his wish to help others spiritually. The debate about Berkowitz will go on for a long time, he will never be out from behind prison walls and, according to Scott Bonn, has no intention of asking for parole in the future. He seems content with his life, has made apologies, and is working on being an example to others. Dr. Scott Bonn will include even …

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Doc Bonn Interviews David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam

Criminologist and professor, Dr. Scott A. Bonn has communicated with some of the most unsavory serial killers while doing research for his upcoming book, Why We Love Serial Killers including David Berkowitz, dubbed the Son of Sam in 1977 as he terrorized New York City with a .44 revolver and the shooting deaths of 6 innocent people. Recently Doc Bonn visited Berkowitz in prison. Knowing through years of correspondence that David Berkowitz was spiritually born again and now delivering his message as the Son of Hope, Bonn entered the prison with trepidation, wondering who or what he would meet behind the bars of Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, NY. The personal interview with David Berkowitz took a couple of years to establish, Bonn gaining his trust through letters written back and forth, until his request was granted by Berkowitz himself. Although the name Son of Sam is synonymous with evil, Bonn felt his 5 hour visit was enlightening, and was interviewed by CBS New York about his experience. See complete interview and story HERE “He knows that …