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Think Your Resume is Enough to Open Today’s Doors?

Times have changed in relation to reaching career goals. No longer is it feasible to drop off a copy of a resume and expect a call back. No, in today’s world it takes much more than that. Strategies for career placement and advancement now rely heavily on how well a person presents themselves online. Have you checked out your personal Facebook postings lately? You know, the ones describing a girls night out with some not so appropriate pictures. Think about how a potential employer would view those posts, and get rid of anything that doesn’t portray professionalism. It’s ok to have fun and post about it, but keep in mind who may be taking a peek into your personal life. How to rise to the top Imagine yourself as the product in a hugestore. What sets you apart? What makes a consumer choose you from the shelf and take you home? Additionally, product placement and merchandising is essential to getting a product noticed. There’s a reason why all those tempting candy bars and magazines are placed close to …

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Shattered Lives: Advocate Extraordinaire, Anne Seymour

LISTEN LIVE! If ever there were one woman who took on advocacy as a champion, it’s Anne Seymour. Shattered Lives is proud and honored to have her as a guest to share her vast knowledge of victim advocacy. When crime or mass crisis happens, victims are unwillingly thrust into the limelight, adding yet more stress to their most wounded experiences, becoming victimized again. What resources are available to protect and shield victims from approaching media who are often inappropriate? How can the public change it’s appetite for instant access? Anne Seymour will speak to the listeners about her perspective on crisis response in Edmund, Oklahoma and Columbine, and how these mass tragedies are continuing to occur. What can we do about it? Anne Seymour will give fact based solutions. She will discuss how media is helping or hurting when crises happen and how social media has changed the landscape of where and how we get our facts, along with mis-information. An important video to watch for background: Everything about Anne Seymour! Anne Seymour has 30 …