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The Age of Attention Economics

Information manipulation has always been key to filtering features, advantages, and benefits of a product to the masses, but just how much information can seriously be consumed in the digital age without devices exploding?  This is exactly the flash point when attention becomes the valued commodity instead of the product.

How to Support an Author in Three Clicks

  While hosting a podcast with authors from WildBlue Press it’s clear that there are easy ways to support authors and their books. Interviewing seasoned best-selling authors indicates that no matter what level of success they have achieved, they are always under the influence of the reader. So how much clout do you think you have as a reader of books? If you’re a reader, you are the reason that writers write! Don’t just read a book, put it away, or give it to your friends, savor the moments it took to bring the story to you in the first place and help support the author that gave you hours of pleasure. Click #1 Buy! No matter what format is your favorite, there are several ways to buy the book. If you prefer a hard copy, buy from an online bookseller like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or, better yet, directly from indie publishers like WildBlue Press. Most authors will offer signed copies directly from their websites to add to your collection. Local bookstores may carry books by your …