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It’s a New Day for Donna Gore

After years of interviews and hundreds of podcasts, Donna R. Gore, the internet’s “LadyJustice” is stepping into a new format for Shattered Lives.

Shattered Lives podcast has been the premier place for learning about the aftermath of crime, victims’ stories, and offers resources for forging through the criminal justice system and entering a new normal life.

Shattered Lives Radio: Five Years and Counting

Five years ago Shattered Lives host Donna R. Gore was inspired by Crime Wire hosts, Dennis Griffin and Susan Murphy Milano to begin her very own podcast to record interviews with guests who could speak to the aftermath of crime, it’s victims, and resources to help the survivors. Over the span of 5 years Shattered Lives has featured many expert guests and touched on a multitude of topics, often showcasing the resilience of the human spirit. In the beginning The original Shattered Lives podcasts were 30 minute interviews with the following 7 episodes: Sgt. Mark Vanau on Elder Abuse Janice Smolinski on her missing son, Billy Smolinski Wanda and Sam Reiger on Resilience after Devastation Robin Kraemer of Interval House Robert Rahn and Kim Anklin Private Investigator of Management Resources of NY Attorney Michelle Cruz on Victim Advocacy Dr. Laurie Roth on recovering from brain injury and returning to the airwaves Finding that 30 minutes was not enough time to convey important information, Shattered Lives moved to the Inside Lenz Network joining other …

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Donna Gore’s Podcast Featured on State of Connecticut Website

On May 14, 2016, Shattered Lives Radio featured guests discussing three missing young girls from Tolland County in the state of Connecticut. The three girls have been missing since the late 1960’s, early 70’s. Appearing on the episode were family members and investigators who updated listeners on their latest efforts to solve the cases and return the girls to their families. The podcast was subsequently included with information about the cases in the Division of Criminal Justice section of the State of Connecticut website. Read on website: Tolland County Cold Case Squad Host of Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, is also a State Outreach Coordinator for Wilmington, NC based CUE Center for Missing Persons. She spent several months coordinating the guests and information for the episode. The discussion surrounding each case related details that are known, and the fact that there is no physical evidence available in any of the cases that would give investigators new leads. Listen to Podcast: Shattered Lives Radio Shattered Lives Radio Guests: Daniel Cargill- Retired Ct State Trooper; Lead Cold Case …

Advertising campaign to bring awareness to CT Safe Haven law

Shattered Lives: Don’t Trash Your Baby, CT Safe Haven Law

Unwanted children are too often innocent victims of parents who bring them into the world without the skills to raise them. We’ve seen too many criminal incidents surrounding the issue of abandoned babies and Connecticut, as well as other states, are doing all they can to save the lives of unwanted babies through Safe Haven laws. According to Shattered Lives Radio host Donna Gore’s recent article, The Best Kept Secret: The Crime of Abandoned Babies: “….infants 30 days old or younger can be brought to a Safe Haven (defined as any hospital emergency department). A nurse will meet the parent in a private room to obtain medical history (if the parent choses). Parental rights will be terminated in order for the baby to be adopted, and they will be given a packet from DCF. DCF will assume immediate custody of the infant. If the parent changes her/his mind, it is recommended that they immediately contact DCF and apply for legal representation.” Shattered Lives Radio discusses the efforts of those in Connecticut who are trying to bring more awareness to their state’s Safe …

Shattered Lives: Anne Seymour Returns with FREE Resources

When a violent crime occurs to an individual, or within a family, victims often don’t know what to do after the initial call to police, and they don’t realize that there are resources available to them, often for free. Host Donna R. Gore welcomes Anne Seymour’s return to Shattered Lives Radio as a champion advocate, and she’s bringing information about FREE resources from her vast contribution to the rights of victims. What happens after the initial call to law enforcement? Who or what does a crime victim turn to for help and healing? Shattered Lives Radio listeners will have the opportunity to learn about resources for specific crime victims, i.e. domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as organizations who assist all victims of crime and value their rights. They will discuss the importance of victim assistance from national programs as well as the necessity for professional victim impact statements in court. Anne Seymour Anne Seymour has 30 years of experience as a national victim advocate.  She is a Co-founder of and Senior Advisor to …