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Shattered Lives: MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher Anderson

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice” Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE:  CLICK HERE Male survivors of sexual abuse are finally finding help, healing and recognition through organizations like MaleSurvivor and passionate advocates like Executive Director, Christopher Anderson.  Before the time when news reports came out about boys being molested by clergy and leaders of boys groups, the public had no idea of the scope of the issue. Boys and men who are survivors of sexual abuse often did not report their abuse and lived with the trauma for years. Slowly the public is becoming more educated about the myths surrounding male survivors of sexual abuse, learning that, like their female counterparts, they deserve the same treatment in all aspects of the issue of sexual abuse. MaleSurvivor has been instrumental in creating a community and provides essential resources for males who have been sexually victimized at any age. Please join the show and become active …

Crime Wire Investigates! What’s Up With Coaches?

You can hear Crime Wire Investigates beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern. Also, please visit our Crime Wire Website. Together we can make a difference. LISTEN LIVE: Crime Wire Team members Vito Colucci, Jr. and Tom Shamshak will be hosting the discussion Tuesday, November 29.  Taking a look at the headlines surrounding the scandals about well known sports coaches! Crime Wire will be analyzing three high profile cases involving allegations of sexual abuse and sexual improprieties allegedly committed by sports coaches. These three cases are the buzz of the media and have caught the attention of the entire nation. The first case to be analyzed is that of Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky who is facing 40 counts of sexual abuse. The second case involves allegations against Bernie Fine, the associate head basketball coach at Syracuse University. The third case involves allegations against Michael Pickering, a former coach of the freshman high school football team in Westport, Ct.

Lisa Michels Speaks at Polaris Project Fundraiser

Lisa Michels, member of the RAINN speakers bureau, will be featured at the Polaris Project fundraiser event sponsored by the Advocates for a Safer Tomorrow at Westwood College Satellite Campus in Annandale, VA on Thursday, April 29. Polaris Project is one of the largest anti-trafficking organizations in the United States and Japan, with programs operating at international, national and local levels through our offices in Washington, DC; Newark, NJ; and Tokyo, Japan.  Polaris Project is one of the few organizations working on all forms of trafficking and serving both citizen and foreign national victims of human trafficking. Lisa’s presentation will be on sexual abuse, repressed memories and human trafficking.  In 2001 Lisa was a participant on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” in a weeklong program with Dr. Phil called the “Get Real Challenge.” This life changing event for Lisa has helped her personally deal with and overcome her personal tragedies and has given her the strength, ability and determination to help other victims. Help put an end to sex trafficking and human slavery!  Join us for …