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MSNBC’s Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue with Dottie Laster Part of November Marathon

  Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue Featuring Dottie Laster  Watch the sneak peek! As part of MSNBC’s November marathon, Sex Slaves in America, Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue will air again on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 6pm kicking off the evening’s 4 hours of the most compelling episodes about human trafficking filmed from coast to coast. The Texas Rescue episode follows Dottie Laster and her team performing rescue attempts of known victims of trafficking by “purchasing” her services, often with the pimp waiting outside. One of Dottie Laster’s featured team members, Cat French of Elijah Rising, was specifically trained by Laster to recognize the complexities of the landscape of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. French says, “By her tenacity and resolute stand against wickedness, Dottie prepared the way for a whole new coalition of justice warriors to arise in Houston, some through Elijah Rising, and many others in similar organizations throughout our city. We have been equipped for the battlefield by Dottie’s patient and enduring mentorship. Many thanks to you, Dottie!” Rescue of Sex Trafficking Victims in Houston While filming, Dottie Laster and …