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The Top 10 Self-Promotion Mistakes

Most of the tips in the following article are related to books and authors, however, no matter what you’re promoting, whether it be an author, website, or *gasp* yourself, this article has some timely advice and pitfalls to avoid. By: Cynthia Sterling (originally posted in 2011) Since most publishers do little to promote individual books or authors, self-promotion can help authors reach the attention of readers, booksellers, reviewers and others who can help forward their careers. But the wrong kind of self-promotion can do more harm than good. Savvy self-promoters avoid the following mistakes: 1. Not targeting your audience, or targeting the wrong audience. Self promotion begins with a plan. Decide who you want your promotion efforts to reach: book sellers, romance readers, other readers? Different types of promotion are effective with different groups. Book sellers might be receptive to Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of your book, or shelf-talkers or other material that might help them sell the book once it’s in the stores. Readers might be better approached with a bookmark or newsletter. 2. Spamming More …