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“Make It Happen!” With Danielle Pierre

Heading into the holidays at full speed, are you feeling overwhelmed, overweight or just stuck in a rut? Pulling your hair out wondering which way to turn next? Are you waiting for the calm after the storm? Wouldn’t you like to connect with those seeking to improve the quality of their lives and who are ready to start making things happen? Getting your life in order is not always an easy thing, short of therapy!  What if there was a way to help you through, help you organize your thoughts about yourself, a way that would lead to positive thinking, boosting your morale and heading your life in a better direction?  Don’t you think that sounds like a gift from above? Sounds easy enough!  But often it isn’t, and it’s best to have professional guidance. Danielle Pierre (“The Make it Happen Coach“) and DP Motivation have been supporting clients in their quest to improve the quality of their lives since 2009 through a variety of resources, including life coaching services, free newsletter, a daily empowerment video library, articles and much more! Since it’s …

Save the Date! April Claxton and The Movement Within: “Explore Gratitude” in Beautiful Miami!

The Movement Within’s CEO April Claxton Co-Creates with Carla Ginebra, Rickie Garcia and Camile Araujo to bring YOU a Day Full of Gratitude and Self Discovery! Are You Ready to be Lifted and Inspired? Then, Let’s Go! Saturday 5/21/11 10am – 4pm Kings Creek Clubhouse 8333 SW 81st Avenue Miami, FL 33143 (843) 333-1835 $45 Includes: – Food/ Drinks – Meditation – The Power of Gratitude (Life After Trauma) – Why Movement Within is Necessary and How Gratitude Can Add to Your Life – Motivation – Inspiration – Hope – Connecting – Free Goodies – & More!