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“The devil in the White City” Meets “The Shining”, BLOODSTAINS is the Story

On Saturday, November 16th, BLOODSTAINS author, Jeff Mudgett, was in the company of over 50 of the best male mystery writers at the Men of Mystery event in Irvine, California. The annual event combines the best of  writers with their readers and fans for a day of meeting, greeting, lunching, and autograph sessions. The invited authors were asked to give a 1 minute introduction of themselves and their latest book. Only 1 minute and that’s all! How could a wordsmith keep it to a minute? Jeff Mudgett’s was the best byline of the day, and he delivered with 30 seconds to spare! “IMAGINE! It’s revealed to you that you’re the direct descendant of the devil in the White City!” This is the story of BLOODSTAINS. Following gasps throughout the audience, Mudgett politely handed back the mic and left attendees with gaping stares, wondering why he didn’t explain the statement and continue his 1 minute opportunity to speak. The crime genre savvy audience was well aware of the story in The Devil in White City, the …

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BLOODSTAINS Author Jeff Mudgett Participating in Men of Mystery Event

On November 16, 2013 the annual Men of Mystery event will be held at the Irvine Marriott Hotel in Irvine, CA hosting over 50 of the nation’s top male mystery writers from 9am-4pm. This highly popular one day event brings the 50 writers together with fans, readers, and aspiring writers with the opportunity to purchase signed books and have one on one conversations over a sumptuous lunch. Jeff Mudgett, author of best-selling,  self-published book, BLOODSTAINS, is among the honored writers featured at the Men of Mystery event. Mudgett will be on hand to chat with readers, sign books and mingle with fellow authors. Mudgett isn’t a traditionally published author as many of the top mystery writers may be. Although offered lucrative deals from publishers, Jeff Mudgett made the decision to keep control of his writing, to continue to make his own decisions about the way the book would be portrayed in future endeavors. Jeff Mudgett says, “Self-publishing provides all of us our greatest tool ever to express our 1st Amendment rights. The mistakes I made …