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The Roth Show: Michelle Cruz Vocal for Victims and Monica Caison features Missing Person Patrice Smith

Join Dr. Laurie Roth weekdays at 7-10pm Pacific, 10pm-1am Eastern Listen LIVE or to the Archive: Hour #1 Attorney Michelle S. Cruz Former Connecticut State Victim Advocate, Michelle S. Cruz was still in office when the tragedy in Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School took place.  United Way was designated as the place to donate for the benefit of the victims and their families, however, the money has still not been disbursed as of this date. “These families have been through enough.  they shouldn’t have to make complaints about the disbursements of the funds; to fight for the funding so they can take time off from work to deal with their grief.  We’re talking about a horrific tragedy, and instead of dealing with the aftermath, they’re  out trying to get money that was gathered for them,” Cruz said. Where is the transparency when donating to victims’ funds? Also, questions are arising in Moore, OK from families who lost children in the devastating tornado which hit two elementary schools and hundreds lost their homes and all …