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The Basic Building Blocks of Marketing Never Change

The word “expert” has been quite diluted in the world of internet based marketing. With the dawn of a new trade, social media marketing, experts are being born on a regular basis, but what qualifies one to be named an expert? Just because someone is adept at figuring out the latest social media site, app or network, doesn’t necessarily put them into expert status, or guru-another misnomer. While technology, and how to effectively use it advances at a rapid speed, some of the basic building blocks of marketing do not change. Engagement Conversation Trust Product Knowledge Closing the Sale The Basic Concepts of Marketing Never Change 1. First Engagement It’s been a long-standing part of sales training programs that you must engage with the customer, discovering all that you can about them in a short period of time . Using skill and personality, the potential success of a sale starts with the first hello. The means by which we say hello may have changed, or advanced, but if the first contact with the customer can’t …