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Gayle Crabtree Speaks to Over 300 at UMW Legislative Advocacy Day

On February 21, 2012, Gayle Crabtree opened the eyes of over 300 United Methodist Women to the facts about intimate partner violence and how the faith based community can become a part of the solution.  She was invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual United Methodist Women’s Legislative Advocacy Day in  Columbia, South Carolina. A question often asked of a large group is, “Do you know the name of your community’s shelter?” Many in all audiences do not know the name of that vital resource. Through her non-profit organization, Hope for Healing.Org, Gayle has been knocking on the doors of churches within the Methodist Church Conferences, as well as other denominations, for several years and has trained hundreds of pastors and church workers through personal and group training sessions as well as teleclasses for those who can not attend the sessions in person. The first step in bringing solutions to victims of violence is educating those who can make a difference, provide safe havens, and assist victims in finding a way out of …