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Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire: Ronald Fino Author of The Triangle Exit

You can hear Crime Wire   Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Eastern.  Please visit our Crime Wire Website. Together we can make a difference. LISTEN LIVE or to the PODCAST   Mobsters, covert FBI operations and infiltration on a global scale, all covered and discussed with guest Ron Fino on Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire! Ronald Fino’s story is something more than a Hollywood screenwriter could wish for! Crime, corruption, secret agents, gangsters and arms dealers all action packed into the story of one man’s reality. From the ranks of the Buffalo, NY Mafia and corrupt unions, Ron became an undercover FBI informant and after 17 years of reporting on the Buffalo Mafia his cover was blown.  He then went to work undercover around the world, including Russia, the Middle east and Belarus performing many covert operations. The account of his life in The Triangle Exit is fascinating and almost unbelievable, a tale of coming from the dark side of crime to become widely respected by law enforcement agencies and the global intelligence community. Infiltrating not only the Italian Mafia, …