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Shattered Lives: The Return of Marilyn Gambrell of No More Victims

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio Marilyn Gambrell is warmly welcomed back to Shattered Lives Radio to update listeners about what’s been going on with No More Victims over the last year since she appeared with her “kids.”  She will bring all the latest news and accomplishments about the children who are part of the program at No More Victims, many who come back to give a hand to the next group, insuring there are always mentors available. Marilyn Gambrell and No More Victims Frequent Shattered Lives guest, Marilyn Gambrell,  took on the challenge to create programs to assist this segment of children to recognize their worth and better address their needs. Through her organization, No More Victims, Gambrell reaches out to the community, schools, faith based community and corrections departments to address such subjects as teen dating violence, gang involvement, self-injury, teen pregnancy, and supports children through incarceration and the re-entry process of their incarcerated parent. Children and teens, often considered “throwaways” are offered guidance and support through a chaotic time in their lives in order to …