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Change Already! with Jillian: Guest Robin Smith Explains Reiki and Shamanism

Listen LIVE to Change Already! with Jillian Reiki and Shamanism Explained with guest Robin Smith As described in Jillian’s book, Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown, there is a movement towards combining the spiritual aspects of east and west, ancient and new, and the pursuit of inner wellness. Readers of the book, which is not necessarily a how to or self-help book, are given specific lessons on how to best use their personal intuitive messages to discover the intentions of the soul, while respecting and connecting with their traditional religious teachings. Be sure to listen the entire  “Spiritual Trends” Series. Each week Jillian will present information from those considered experts in their field to give listeners a better understanding about topics that are at times mystical, non secular, yet perhaps divine. For those in a spiritual quest, this series promises to be an enlightening journey. Robin Smith, Reiki and Shamanism Explained Jillian’s guest, Robin Smith, states that she has always been sensitive to “energy,” but wasn’t effectively working with it until …