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Family of Missing Teenager, Phylicia Barnes, on Peas In Their Pods Radio

16 year old Phylicia Barnes has been missing from Baltimore, MD since December 28.  Amid rumors and inaccurate reporting from media sources, the family has agreed to appear with Peas In Their Pods on BlogTalk Radio Sunday night, January 2,  at 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern. Direct link to the show: Call in with questions, comments or tips:  (646) 595-4664 UPDATE: There were two shows devoted to information about the case of Phylicia Barnes with her parents and family members. Please take these links and spread on your blog, website or social media sites until Phylicia is found: Part 1 Part 2

Welcome To Peas In Their Pods

Every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in the United States. Under 45% are African American Children. With disturbing figures like these being reported, Janice Lowery and Gaetane Borders joined forces in 2007 and created an organization that would bring awareness to the problems facing families with missing children who, in some cases, did not meet the required criteria of the Amber Alert System.  They found a way to “bridge the gap” for those children and their families by creating the “Rilya Alert.” “We do not take the place of the Amber Alert System. We simply pick up where they leave off or never engage due to program criteria.” Volunteers across the internet can come together to gather information, interact and keep abreast of current cases at the Peas In Their Pods network on the Ning platform.  There you can join in discussions, offer help and find many who join together with one common goal, to help find the missing children. Each week Janice and Gaetane host a radio show on BlogTalk Radio to …