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5 Easy Pieces: Social Media Marketing Done Well! #FriendsofRicki Buzzing for The Ricki Lake Show

As many readers already know, Ricki Lake is scheduled to launch a new talk show this fall and we’ve seen the buzz building and building across all of the major social media networks. On more than one occasion we’ve remarked about the fact that this is social media done right! So, what are they doing to gain such a following of devoted fans? Like all good social media marketing plans, there is a definite strategy.  As outside observers, and sometimes participants, we’ve seen sharing, blogging and strategic placement of information on numerous platforms, a plan that works. 1. Build it, They Will Come Friends of Ricki is a community of diverse people forming an “inner circle” and communicating about all things Ricki Lake.  They are the club, or tribe, relating what’s happening behind the scenes of the new Ricki Lake show.  The friends procure ideas, guest suggestions, and topics of discussion from the fan base and with interaction among Team Ricki members. By blogging on several platforms, including Huffington Post and BlogHer, they are in a position …