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Dottie Laster,ImaginePublicity

Dottie Laster: Holding the Department of Justice Accountable for Neglecting Victims of Human Trafficking

Trying diligently to unlock the system within the United States Department of Justice and the FBI, Dottie Laster, who works with the Bernardo Kohler Center assisting victims of human trafficking, finds herself in a precarious situation. Working with Brandon Darby, a former FBI informant, Laster and Darby presented dozens of cases of human trafficking to the agencies, following all the necessary protocols set forth, only to meet resistance to investigate, or complete complacency. Brandon Darby has written the full account of the experience in the latest edition of Town Hall Magazine, a monthly conservative news magazine, explaining in detail the shift in priorities within the FBI and his conclusions as to why human trafficking cases are being ignored. Darby exposes problems which arise between law enforcement agencies and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and how by ICE agents rolling into an ongoing investigation, critical evidence is often lost and traffickers walk free with little consequence because of it, causing law enforcement agencies to back away from needed investigations, thus perpetuating the cycle. Darby goes on …