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Diane Fanning Appearing on SNAPPED Sunday June 17

Tune in for the premier on Sunday, June 17, at 9pm ET The Oxygen Channel’s highly popular show, SNAPPED, profiles cases of females accused of murder, with all the twists and turns. Among the list of female killers in the SNAPPED lineup is Raynella Dossett Leath, the subject of Diane Fanning‘s latest true crime book, HER DEADLY WEB. As one of Fanning’s top three pick of interesting cases she’s written about, it contains a cattle stampede, an attempted murder, a three-shot-suicide, medical examiners threatening to shoot law enforcement officials, a secret city and a love child.  Who could ask for anything more for plot turns in a true crime story? Per Amazon:  Raynella Dossett Leath said she came home one morning in 2003 and found her husband’s body in bed—covered in blood, a Colt .38 by his side. But authorities were suspicious of Raynella’s story. Why would her husband of ten years suddenly commit suicide? And if he had taken his own life, why did it appear that three shots were fired? David Leath was not …