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A New Literary World: Success of Self-Publishing, BLOODSTAINS and Jeff Mudgett

What defines success of a first time author? For Jeff Mudgett, author of BLOODSTAINS, his first published work, success comes in various forms; book sales, recognition, and cold hard cash! His foray into publishing his first book took many turns, including turning down an offer by a traditional publisher. To self-publish was his decision, it was good for him, and for his book, which is currently being developed as a major Hollywood movie, the dream come true for most authors. Taking his words from the page to Hollywood, Mudgett has a lot to share and teach, and is willing to do it so other new authors will be able to duplicate his successes, and avoid  his pitfalls and mistakes. He speaks to writer’s groups, classes and conferences, not only about the information contained in BLOODSTAINS, but his process in becoming a successful, self-published author. Anyone who seeks to make a living as an author knows it’s a long stretch to reach a form of success for your first book, especially with the competition which is now engaged, and the …