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Kim Anklin and Bob Rahn of Management Resources LTD of NY

Bob Rahn & Kim Anklin Invited to Participate in Penn State Online Course

Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin, principals of Management Resources LTD of New York, have been invited by Penn State University to participate in their online course, Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction which runs from June 25, 2014-August 13, 2104.  The instructor for the course is Tim Robicheaux who teaches a broad range of courses including Organized Crime; Race, Crime, & Justice; and the Sociology of Deviance and Forensic Psychology. Offered through Coursera, Penn State University and other top universities, offer classes to the public and students for free or a small cost for certification. The course on wrongful conviction consists of written text and approximately 10-12 minutes of video content. The video content will include both lecture by the instructor (Tim Robicheaux) and interviews with social scientists, legal scholars, and individuals active in the criminal justice system. Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin have become known for their efforts into the recent exoneration of Johnathan Fleming. They uncovered key evidence and convinced the Brooklyn District Attorney‘s Conviction Integrity Unit to reopen the case, which ultimately resulted in …