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Sex Trafficking’s Unlikely Angel, Dottie Laster Featured in MORE Magazine’s October, 2012 Issue

On the day that President Obama spoke about his administration’s beefed up efforts to fight against human trafficking, MORE Magazine’s October issue hit the news stands with an excellent article on one of trafficking’s leading advocates, Dottie Laster. President Obama Speaks Against Human Trafficking Enforcing the laws, rescuing and restoring victims of trafficking is a 24 hour job which Dottie Laster takes seriously. With little sleep, Laster’s phone is always on, ready to take the next call from the next victim who may need her help, or victims whom she has rescued who just need to talk to her in order to stay on the path of self sufficiency. MORE Magazine article, Sex Trafficking’s Unlikely Angel, by Mimi Swartz, outlines what it’s like for Dottie Laster as an advocate, trainer and facilitator to victims of sex trafficking globally. Lately, Laster has focused within her home state of Texas and has helped expose what’s going on behind closed doors in the bars and cantinas, massage parlors and spas, and sometimes residential homes in Houston, one of …