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5 Easy Pieces: Throw Away Your Power Point!

Ok, don’t throw Power Point out all together, but make the effort to use the platform to it’s best advantage! You know those presentations, the ones where the lights are dimmed and someone is standing behind a podium, droning in monotone about something, you’re not quite sure because you were lost at the first slide. Snooze fest! Since the dawn of computers and the discovery of a way to dress up a speech or presentation using a more sophisticated method than an old time slide show or 8mm film to get the message to the masses, there is a tendency to be “over creative.” (just like this looong sentence!) Attending conferences, or corporate meetings, it’s easy to see who knows their stuff and who’s relying too heavily on displaying their research of someone else’s knowledge. So, how do we find a way to be knowledgeable and entertaining while presenting important concepts, and keep the audience awake? 1. Editing a Power Point Presentation It’s ok to throw up a lot of ideas, facts, and wisdom in a …