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ImaginePublicity on Air: Kedma Ough author of TARGET FUNDING

Business ownership, being your own boss, living the American Dream! But, you’ve been turned down by lending institutions, credit cards are maxed out, and all your friends and family are turning away from you when they think you may ask to borrow money! What’s the next step to finding funding for your new business? There’s a reason Kedma Ough is known as the “small business superhero” and that’s because she consistently goes beyond the boundaries to find solutions for those who are starting a new business, or looking to grow an existing business. One of the most frustrating issues facing those who are looking to make their dreams come true is funding. In her new book, TARGET FUNDING: A Proven System to Get the Money & Resources You Need to Start or Grow Your Business (McGraw Hill), Kedma Ough walks readers through a series of strategies addressing each obstacle one may face. TARGET FUNDING is a vital resource for anyone who is searching financial backing options, some are obscure but offer innovative alternatives to banks …

It’s a New Day for Donna Gore

After years of interviews and hundreds of podcasts, Donna R. Gore, the internet’s “LadyJustice” is stepping into a new format for Shattered Lives.

Shattered Lives podcast has been the premier place for learning about the aftermath of crime, victims’ stories, and offers resources for forging through the criminal justice system and entering a new normal life.