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Randy Williams is a free man

Bob Rahn & Kim Anklin Help Secure Freedom for Randy Williams

Management Resources, Ltd. of NY principals, Kim Anklin and Bob Rahn once again worked alongside defense attorneys to secure another man’s freedom. In early 2008, Randy Williams was wrongfully convicted for the 2007 murder of 36-year-old Vincent Hill. Hill, a known violent felon, was killed during a multiple person shoot out. The incident occurred in a courtyard within the Williamsburg Houses located in Brooklyn, NY. During the 2008 trial, the prosecutor told the jury Williams had been identified by three eyewitnesses. However, when it was their turn to testify, two of the prosecutor’s witnesses recanted their stories and the third refused to come to court. The judge permitted the taped  grand jury testimony of the  final witness, a woman with a history of mental illness, to be played to the jury. Cross examination by the defense was not permitted based on a vague claim that someone in the neighborhood had called her a “snitch” causing her fear of live testimony. He was sentenced to 25 to life sentence in prison. Over the next 9 years, …