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Addicted to an Addict, Addiction Recovery Treatment, Dalal Akoury MD

Addicted to Addicts: Surviving Life with an Addict, Dalal Akoury, MD

As important as Natural Addiction Recovery Treatment by Dalal Akoury, MD is for a recovering addict, it’s imperative to address the needs of those who are often barely surviving life with an addict. The addiction may be to drugs or alcohol, or gambling, sex, the internet, overeating, or overspending, it doesn’t matter, all addictions cause a ripple affect of harm throughout those they love and who love them. Recognizing an addiction in a loved one is not always easy, addicts tend to be quite good at hiding their addictions and manipulating loved ones and friends in such a way that it’s often hard to see. The first step in surviving life with an addict is to accept reality of the situation, accepting that parts of one’s own life may be out of control due to the behavior of the addict. Although it’s easier to stay in denial and keep it private, it won’t get better just because you wish it would, it takes work on the part of everyone surrounding the addict. Those close to …

Free from addiction, AWAREmed, Dr. Dalal Akoury

Free at Last! Successful Addiction Recovery Treatment with Dr. Dalal Akoury

  Addiction and substance abuse creates a completely incompatible, and often dangerous, lifestyle. In order to be completely free from addictions several things need to take place, the most important, engaging to develop positive changes in lifestyle. Generally it’s quite difficult to make the changes necessary in one’s life to complete a turnaround, whether from over eating, lack of exercise, or spiritual grounding. All of these things take a committed decision. Addiction recovery is no different. Based on the nature of the addictive dependency, and the level of the patient’s decision to recover, outpatient detox and recovery treatments are seeing a new level of success, especially in heroin detox. There will always be times when it’s best to be admitted to a hospital or rehab center, especially when serious drug or alcohol addiction have expectations of a period of physical and mental discomfort, and often, pain. However, addicts are often reluctant to live with the stigma of accepting in-patient treatment and there must be alternative options available. Other challenges factor into the equation when deciding to go to …