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Dr. Dalal Akoury, Addiction discussion forums

ADDICTION: A ‘Meeting’ of Minds Online Discussion with Dalal Akoury, MD

Participating in one of the many online and anonymous forums, message boards and blogs that discuss addiction and the ancillary medical conditions that accompany it are highly valuable tools for the addict and family members. An added bonus to the daily give-and-take of empathy, compassion and feeling that one is not alone, are the, resources, research and informational articles that members share in their postings. As we know, addiction is not a typically ‘friendly’ condition; that is it is not a popular topic. Therefore ‘friending’ someone via the internet based solely on addiction may not be the best first step. But being able to open up namelessly via other communication options on the web offers huge opportunities for help and healing. Since addiction is a societal problem, it is best when those of us affected by it know of at least one place we can visit during our own private time and share our experiences. If we’re not ready to share, we read and learn – also known as lurking – but a perfectly acceptable way to …