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F. Mark Granato,Shattered Lives Radio

Shattered Lives Radio: Guest, Author F. Mark Granato and a lot of History

“To make a living, or to make a life?” was the question burning through the mind of F. Mark Granato for years. As his lucrative, but demanding, career was taking off, sending him to emerging markets throughout the world, he realized there was something missing in his life, a void which needed to be filled, his dream of becoming a writer. With his sixth book recently published, Granato has accomplished a large part of the dream, being who he was meant to be and finding happiness in it. Mark Granato’s historic novels are inspired by conversations with his grandfather at a young age. Learning about important events of the 20th century, like the sinking of the Titanic (Titanic: The Final Voyage), Charles Lindburgh (Beneath His Wings: The Plot to Murder Lindbergh) and the 1938 Connecticut hurricane (Of Winds and Rage), gave Granato the foundation for his first three books. He then began to recall and research underreported or obscure events in New England history for the basis of his next three books which cover the story …